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Why Your Business Needs Pinterest

April 15, 2020

It’s Not Just for Moms Anymore


As Lizzo once said, “I’ve been waitin’ for this one!” and we feel the same way about this blog. Pinterest is such an underdog when it comes to how valuable people find the platform for their businesses. But it really can be a powerful tool, and a fun one at that. Like, seriously, who doesn’t love mindlessly pinning ideas to their boards as a way to pass time? (Especially now when passing time is literally all we have to do). We love Pinterest because it allows businesses the ability to provide ideas, guidance, or an all-in-one place type of source for their consumers. Follow along as we give you some good reasons as to why your business should be on Pinterest. 


First, here are some statistics from Pinterest themselves that are pretty convincing alone: 

  • 5% of all referral traffic (yes, all) to websites comes from Pinterest. The first is Facebook, with 25%. “That means businesses with click-worthy content on Pinterest have a better shot at driving conversions and other desired actions on their website.”
  • 87% of pinners have bought a product because of Pinterest. 
  • 66% of Pinterest users say they use the platform for inspiration purposes, helping your brand find a niche in someone’s life. 


Seriously, 5% of all referral traffic to websites is SUCH a big deal. But if we still haven’t convinced you, don’t worry- we’re still working on it. 


It’s a leader in finding emerging trends. 

We always say that being relevant is important to the survival of your business and your marketing strategy. Pinterest is one of the leading places to find emerging trends- it is actually 80% more viral and 3x more effective at generating leads than Twitter. So while we’ve also mentioned Reddit as a great way to be on trends before they explode, Pinterest is also a great place to find those. According to Pinterest,  “search bubbles up popular keywords and trending products in real-time. When you use Promoted Pins, you can also track which products are in style or might be losing traction in the market.” That’s some powerful knowledge if used the right way. 


Create content that helps your ideal consumer.

Pinterest is amazing because it is an endless source of inspiration for everyone. And that doesn’t necessarily mean only for apartment inspiration (although we do use it heavily to plan out our dream penthouse, but that’s beside the point). Inspiration to get organized, inspiration to be motivated, inspiration to learn something new. We think almost any industry can find good use for creating boards. Let’s say you’re a yoga studio. Especially now, you can create a board that offers a collection of different online classes your studio is offering, or others are offering. You can create an inspirational board, or favorite athleisure/yoga wear. Provide gifting guides if you’re a B2C business with direct links so they can straight to the site to buy things- which is another plus to Pinterest! You can get amazing inbound links here because every image is associated with a link.  Be the guide to your brand so your consumers can have an easier time navigating it!


You have better chances as a brand to become discovered. 

Hold onto your desk or chair or whatever you can grab for this next statistic. Pinterest says that 97% of searches on their platform or unbranded. 97%! This means almost everyone on the platform is open to any brand they see if it aligns with their searching interests, and makes your brand more likely to be to the one they pick over a bigger brand. So get that quality content out there to catch eyes and get pinning!


Engagement is incredibly high.

Ready for more stats? There are more than 2 billion… yes we said Billion with a “B”… searches every month on Pinterest. And the monthly active users grew 26% in the last year, reaching 335 million. With that in mind, think about the amount of content available on this social platform. The way people use this app doesn’t really drive a lot of followers per se, but users are all about pinning what they like to see on their boards. If you have something that is visually appealing, it’s bound to be engaged with like crazy.


Some Tips for Your Profile:

Now that we’ve hopefully changed your mind about Pinterest, how do you go about bringing your brand to life on Pinterest? Don’t just create a page, check the box, and say it’s done. Take a moment to optimize your profile and really try to put yourself out there for consumers to see! 


  1. Make sure your logo is formatted correctly: This guideline is great for figuring out the image sizing for your Pinterest page. It shows you what dimensions you need for your profile pic, board pics, and the image sizing for your pins themselves. This helps with resizing your logo to fit as your profile picture.
  2. Don’t copy and paste your Insta bio as your Pinterest bio. While we’re all about consistency, come up with something slightly different for this new platform that lets your followers know what you’re all about.
  3. Include links to your other social pages: This makes it easier for people to find you elsewhere. Plus, more internal links are always better.
  4. Add Pinterest buttons to your website: People can come back to your website later via pinning your links. This is a big deal for conversion rates.
  5. Plan out your pin schedule and optimize the time to post. Users love to see seasonal content! Keep that in mind with your timing as well.
  6.  Include your logo on your pinned pics: This helps people identify your content and tie it to your brand.


Now go out there, get pinning, and we’ll catch you on the next one!



Written by Kyla Patton and Nicole Bordelon

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