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What’s New in Social Media: November 2019

October 30, 2019

It’s that time of the month everyone: WHAT’S NEW IN SOCIAL MEDIA. From LinkedIn killing the game again to Reddit making it’s first move and partnership with another platform, this month is a good one.

1. Twitter Has Developed a DM filter

As of the beginning of October, Twitter has kindly filtered our Twitter DM’s. So long unsolicited pics. There’s a button at the bottom of your DM screen that was say “show unfiltered messages, including those that may contain unsolicited content.” This update conforms with one of Twitter’s newest ways to “improve the health of the conversations on the platform”. Essentially it’s the same filtering process that Instagram has- there will be a separate inbox for DM’s that come from people who you don’t follow and won’t know that you’ve seen the message unless you accept it. Now along with Instagram, Twitter will joining other social media platforms in protecting people from unsolicited…pics. 


2. Instagram Launches a “Creator” Account 

Alright y’all, this is what we’ve been waiting for. An instagram cheat account is essentially what this new “@Creators” account is. With this, created for content creators, influencers etc, they’re hoping to push and encourage more people to use their features such as IGTV (along with the rest offered on the platform) with tips, tricks, advice, and more to make your content more engaging, optimize it, and even spill some secrets on the algorithm (YES. THE ALGORITHM.) Read more about this here


3. LinkedIn Develops New Tool to Help You With Targeting On-Platform Ads/Campaigns 

Similar to creating a Facebook ad, LinkedIn has added easier ways to see exactly who your ad will reach based on the factors you inputted on it’s ad creation flow tool. What we mean by this is LinkedIn now tells you exactly what percentage of the parameters you set will be reached, along with it’s already standard ballpark summary of how big your audience will be. Now you can really customize those ads for the people you want to reach


4. Twitter is bringing back Live Tweeting- sort of. 

Before everything became algorithm based engagement based, we remember the days of simple chronological order timeline flow (RIP Instagram.) However, you can relive the days of seeing your favorite celeb live tweet The Bachelor again with a new update they’re working on. They’ve introduced a “stream tweet” button, which will allow you to see tweets on your feed happen in a “real-time update” mode. Real time twitter is back folks. 



5. Networking the LinkedIn way 

We’ll say it – LinkedIn has been on fire with these updates the past couple of months. This new update is no exception. Want to hold a networking event but don’t know who to reach out to? LinkedIn has you covered. With a new event tool, you can create, share, and invite your connections via choosing filters such as location, company, school, or industry. From this, you can also track attendees and those you’ve invited. We’re very, very, VERY excited about this one. 


6. Snapchat and Reddit are Teaming up Against Content Stealers 

We’ve all been there. You find an interesting post somewhere, a funny meme, or a cool trend on one of your favorite social media platforms and want to know more, but the original post is never credited or linked. Nine times out of ten, those posts are found on Reddit. Mentioned before, Reddit is one of the golden nuggets of the internet- often trends and topics people will be mentioning or talking about are found or started on reddit, and can be a great tool to help get ahead of the pop culture game. Teaming up with Snapchat, they’ve created post stickers for snaps and stories that will now link back to the original post on Reddit. 


7. Instagram has created IGTV series 

If you haven’t heard, Instagram’s latest update to compete with Youtube and SnapTV is the new “IGTV series” addition. It goes something like this: creators now have the ability to produce long pieces of video content on instagram, separate from their profile. So in addition to stories and story highlights, you can have a separate page on instagram just for your different IGTV series. You can also take already existing IGTV content you’ve created and add it to a series. Basically this is very similar to having a YouTube channel and works somewhat the same, you just also have an Instagram profile attached to it.

More on how to use the new tool here.


There isn’t one of these we aren’t excited about. We may or may not be already planning how to use the Linkedin Events. Oh, and before we forget- Christmas is less than 2 months away. 

We hope you’ve planned your holiday campaigns and that you holiday editorial calendar is locked and loaded. If you don’t have a plan yet- DON’T PANIC. We got you covered. Here’s our holiday campaign marketing check list and guide. Go get ‘em tiger.

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