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What’s New In Social Media June 2020

May 28, 2020

Social Updates in a Pandemic World


Welcome back, folks! These are some weird times we’re living in. We hope everyone is staying safe, staying sane (this is very important), and finding the little things that make you happy. In the world of social, though, nothing ever stops. So kick back, relax, eat a snack, and catch up with us on what’s new in social media in June 2020. If you missed last month’s, make sure to catch up!


Twitter? Fact Checking?  

We’ve covered the interesting update that Twitter was reported to be testing on a while back that involved flagging misinformation in tweets, but May 26th they flagged President Trump’s tweets about mail-in ballots. 

This is important because it’s one of the first attempts by Twitter to flag political leaders in office, which will directly impact information that revolves around policies, campaigns, and especially the 2020 election. The “fact-check” markers used in the flagging of the tweet will take users to another page on twitter that carries more information on the mail-in ballot subject. 

While Twitter is seeing some unhappy faces and comments about flagging the President’s tweets, it’s gotten more praise for trying to keep the integrity of information related to the upcoming election that, let’s face it, is a pretty important one. 


Facebook and Instagram “Shops”

In other news, social media conglomerate Facebook has finally entered the e-commerce ring *ding ding.* They’ve introduced a phased rollout of “shops,” an in-app online storefront for businesses and boutiques on the social media platforms. Like having an Etsy page, but simpler, and without having to leave to go surf the internet or to a different app.  Essentially, Facebook is providing a storefront for “any seller, no matter their size or budget” to add as many or as little products as they want and customize it with their brand colors. This is a great, free option for small businesses that don’t yet have a website or who are still only selling through social media alone, and we’re excited to see where this goes. 

Additionally, their new “Instagram Shop” launching later this year is just as exciting. It’ll be a new tab dedicated to discovering new brands on Instagram, and you can use different filters like product categories and price to discover the shops that might benefit you the best. Essentially, Instagram boutiques are about to THRIVE. 

Credit: Facebook



Twitter Censoring Replies 

It has definitely been confirmed by Twitter that they are testing the option on a few users that will allow them to be able to restrict who can reply to tweets. While this is great if you really don’t want the world to see your mom replying to your 12AM midlife crisis tweet, it’s not so great if you’re using it to avoid criticism as a brand or restrict those with differing opinions as you being shown in a thread. However, Twitter did say that they would mark tweets that had used the restriction options to allow those to know that what they may be seeing might not be everything. 


Pinterest Adding Curated Shop Tab

Pinterest is adding a new “Shopping Spotlight”, which is essentially going to be shoppable curated pin boards by influencers and professionals in the fields of fashion, interior design, inspiration, etc. They are currently working with brands like Refinery29, Domino, Who What Wear, InStyle, Nylon, and Harper’s Bazaar to help curate their collections, but more partnerships are to come in the future. 

Credit: Pinterest


Disney and TikTok?

An unlikely pairing that isn’t actually happening, but now that we have your attention, we’re briefly going to mention former Disney Executive Kevin Mayer, who was mostly responsible for the creation and launch of Disney+, has been snatched by TikTok as their new CEO. At least someone during this pandemic isn’t fumbling the bag. A good thing about this is, however, is Mayer will now be there at the forefront of defending our newest favorite social media pastime against the allegations of it storing data in Chinese databases and the ongoing potential threat of it getting taken down by the US government. 


Instagram adds “Guides” tab

In an effort to continue their journey that is helping people’s mentality while using the social media app (which starting with their movement towards removing the number of likes) Instagram has added a new tab on profiles called “Guides.” Instagram says it’s for “easily discover[ing] recommendations, tips and other content from your favorite creators, public figures, organizations, and publishers.” So basically sort of like Pinterest. However, at this moment they’re only focusing on “wellness” content and accounts as per the global pandemic, which is nice to know that at least someone besides our mom is telling us we should probably meditate.

Credit: Instagram


While these all might not be groundbreaking, these updates are actually interesting because we’re seeing a trend towards more social media shopping and less in-person interaction. While it was a budding movement at first, COVID-19 has only catapulted this movement farther as it makes it a safe shopping option. And Twitter flagging tweets? We’re very excited that something is happening around flagging misinformation because let’s face it, we live in a world that is cluttered with info sometimes it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. That being said, that’s it for what’s new in social for June 2020, and we’ll see you guys next month for July!

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