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Showit vs WordPress: Which Website Platform is Right For You?

November 22, 2019

A guide to decide between the leading website platforms


We’ve gone on about why your website needs a blog, and then why your business needs a website. So this blog should come as no surprise to you. Today we’re discussing the difference and pros/cons of Showit vs. Wordpress and which one might be the best fit for you. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, each one has features that make you look better – and some that don’t. You’ve probably already heard of WordPress, with its rise in popularity due to its customization features. Showit is coming as no surprise to anyone as a competitor with its easy to work with tools. This blog is here to break it down for you – are you a WordPress person, or a Showit person?


If You Like to Blog…

Then WordPress is your guy. Its content management system (CMS) allows for easy regular uploading of content. It also has a guideline for SEO optimization (thank you, Yoast!)  to get your blog out there on the web and seen by others in Google searches. From giving you a meta description option, to telling you how many times your keyword needs to show up, WordPress has your back.



If you like easy to use features…

Go head over to Showit. With drag and drop tools and a setup that looks strikingly like photoshop, a 5th grader could probably figure out how to use it. The reason Showit has risen in popularity is you don’t need to be computer wiz or know much about coding (like you do with some features of WordPress) to make your website work the way you want it to. Their support capabilities are also PHENOM.



If you love having options…

WordPress has a ton of pre-made templates to choose from. What do we mean by a ton? WordPress employs a number of independent designers, and consequently has the largest amount of templates out of any website platform. So if you just like to browse and browse until you find a template that suits you, go right ahead. It also means the chances of you having the same template as someone else is low (big bonus if you ask us).


If you’re building a portfolio…

Fun fact: most people wait only 2 seconds for your website to load. This means that a website that won’t optimize your images and allows for them to slow down the pace of your site isn’t functional and is probably costing you money. A great feature about Showit is that it automatically optimizes your images so they don’t slow down your load speed. So to all you photographers and portfolio makers – Showit is your site.


If you like adding plugins to your site…

WordPress allows you an easy way to add code for plugins such as a “pin it” button. In fact, there are over 54,000 free plugins you can use to spice up your website.  Just make sure you don’t go crazy and download too many, or else your website will be prone to slow loading or crashing. Too much of a good thing is bad!


If you like security…

Okay, let’s be honest. Everyone loves security, especially when it comes to something you created or paid for. Unfortunately, WordPress has a bad rep when it comes to being hacked. As a cult favorite among many, and additionally it being an open source website, hackers are easily targeting this platform. Equally as bad, WordPress doesn’t have any customer service line to call if something goes bad. We’re gonna go with Showit for this one.


If you care what your website looks like on a mobile platform…

Among Showit’s many features, one of them is a side by side viewing of what your website will look like on someone’s phone or tablet while you’re creating. We love this feature. Nothing is more annoying than trying to go to a website on your phone and it a) doesn’t load because it’s not optimized for a mobile screen or b) it gets all weird and crazy and you can’t even navigate it. The best part? You don’t have to adjust your computer website for your mobile one, Showit does that for you.



If you don’t like DIY…

Showit is very DIY if you do a ton of Googling and dedicate the time. For those less savvy and little patience of code, WordPress is best when you put it in the hands of a designer/team. Which, if you don’t know anything about website building or don’t have the time, is a great plus. No hassle on your end, just tell them your preferences and collaborate.


Price comparison

Each platform offers different prices based on a plan that suits what you want. WordPress starts at a cheap $5 a month, and goes up to $45. Showit starts at $19, but only goes to $34.


Our opinion? Both are great platforms! It really does depend on what you want out of your website, how much your budget is, and how much time and energy you’re willing to spend on creating (or not) a website. We actually use a blend of both, since we do a ton of blogging. Showit integrates aesthetic appeal while WordPress remains our go-to for our blog capabilities. However, we rely heavily on Showit for design functionalities.


Both platforms will bring you professional looking sites that allow for SEO optimization, which is a big deal in our Google dominated world. And don’t forget – we offer website building! We offer plans, and not to mention, we love a good collaboration to bring you something you love. Shoot us an email and let’s get building!

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