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a waitlist? as if! (no but really)
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Branding | Ivy Helix

March 20, 2020

Ivy Helix – a collaboration with a fellow creative

Partnering with creatives is our favorite. Not only can we equally collaborate on ideas, but we get to produce modern and incredible works of art that define a brand. JoDee Johnson, an extremely talented designer and architect founded her company to fulfill the bigger vision of helping business in her own unique way.

LBMG Marketing was brought on to bring the Ivy Helix vision to life. The founder, JoDee, of Ivy Helix has a love for ivy and all it encompasses and thus it played a huge role in the aesthetic of her branding.

“It starts slow and then grows and never stops. It’s ongoing and all of its roots are exposed. Its vulnerable, yet tough and can grow in the hardest of environments. It clings to the surface it is next to and protects it from the elements… It takes on the shape of what supports it and it symbolizes eternity, protection and strong attachment.” JoDee explained this to us, followed by “This is really me in plant form.”

With this in mind and JoDee’s overall vision, we’re proud to showcase what was created.

Projects Completed:

  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Business Card Design
  • Digital Letterhead Design


Kind words from Ivy Helix:

“They were a perfect fit for what I needed for my company. They assisted me with Logo creation, branding guide, business cards logo rules, color recognition and did all this for a super reasonable price. Love the attitude and engagement!” – JoDee J. | Founder at Ivy Helix

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