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6 Types of Content Marketing You Can Use to Grow Your Brand

March 5, 2020

From adjacent content, to non-promo, this is Content Marketing you Need to Share

We may sound like a broken record – but we cannot stress enough how important it is to have proper content and to know your target audience. There are a ton of angles to tackle this from, but it all stems from what your brand’s goals are and the tone of voice you want to use. 

For example, at LBMG Marketing, our goal is to educate potential new clients and build trust as well as value so eventually we can grow our client base. Our tone, much like all of us here, is super conversational and fun… also young. With that being said, a good, general rule to follow is to be authentic, keep it simple, and stay positive. Consumers in 2020 like authenticity, so whatever makes you and your company unique is a great place to look for as a guideline for content. 

Consumers also don’t really like the feeling of being “sold to,” – basically, don’t be a car salesman.. I mean, let’s be honest, the only door-to-door sellers we love to open our doors to are Girl Scouts. So, imagine how your audience would feel if they were bombarded with promotional content. Your followers don’t choose to follow your page to be sold to. Social media is not meant to be a billboard for your business. They follow because they enjoy your content, your messaging, and the education you (should) be providing.

In this blog, we’re going to break down all of the types of content you can work into your marketing strategies as well as explain the importance of each type. Let’s dive in!


Adjacent Content: 

Ex: Sharing content that goes along with your brand

It’s safe to assume that if someone is following you on your social platforms that they have an interest in the content you post, or what your business is offering. Not only that, but they likely are interested in topics similar to yours. Let’s say you’re a yoga studio who is looking to diversify your content and appeal to your audience. You could share content such as healthy smoothie recipes, or what to look out for on nutrition labels. The thing with adjacent content is it applies to a lot. Sharing links for 

Fun and Games: 

Ex: Jokes, Memes, Polls, Quizzes

Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself down the Buzzfeed quiz rabbit hole. It’s okay, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes it leaves us wondering, how the heck does it pull us in every time? It’s simple. People like the engaging nature of giving their opinions. But how would this help my brand? The answer to that depends on what you do with it. We’re not telling you that you should be sharing Buzzfeed quizzes or other various games on your channels. 

But maybe take a page out of their book on how to engage your audience. Add in questions to your captions such as “What is your favorite local business?”. Use polls on your Instagram story from time to time. Make it personable, interactive, and tie it into your brand. It really depends on your audience and how you want to engage with them. Get creative and have fun with it!

As for making jokes on your platform, it’s important to be careful about what you choose to post. Know what your brand is and what personality it embodies. If humor doesn’t fit in with it then you might want to avoid this type of post. It can backfire and be incredibly awkward. Be sure you’re not unintentionally sharing something that could be offensive to others. Maybe clear it with colleagues first. Once it’s acceptable make sure it’s also funny because a bad joke can be just as embarrassing. We can’t all be Denny’s twitter page.


Tips and Tricks:

Ex: to use a product or service, using things in different ways than how typically marketed

Do you have some party tricks that would be fun to share? You don’t need to have something as extensive as our “This Monday In Marketing” videos. Find something that suits your style. Share content that could make your viewers’ lives easier (bonus points for tips and tricks that help them use your products or services). 

But try to not make it seem like a direct advertisement of your services (even if that is the underlying factor you’re trying to play). Don’t just look for what you’d find helpful. Listen to your audience, find common issues, and don’t think too hard about it. Keep it relevant. Keep it simple.



Ex: Comments on other pages, responding to people on your own page

When it comes to engaging with others, we like to say the more the merrier. Brands that are successful on social media are participatory. They interact with the community, answer questions, and are respectful to their fans. Getting your name out in the social world can seem overwhelming, but sometimes it’s as simple as being a part of the conversation. Dive in Twitter chats that are relevant to your brand. Comment on local brands Instagram pages. Bounce off of ideas that other people are posting. 

Social media relies on conversations, so jump in and be a part of them. The world is larger than what is going on within your company’s scope. Think about how can you participate in those communities, and say hello to your expanded audience!



Ex: Company Info, Volunteering Events, New Members, Sneak Peek into Company Culture

With the sheer amount of advertisements we see on a daily basis, the idea of sell sell sell can get annoying. Mixing it up is vital to retain the attention of your audience. 

Get people interested in more than your products. What is your company culture like? Do you participate in any volunteer events in your community? What events are going on in your world? Post about these things! Lifestyle and event posts typically do well as it humanizes your company. Your audience sees that things are lively and not just going through the motions of selling.

Promotional Content:

Ex: Sales Promotions, Direct Links to Products or Services, Pictures or Videos of Products

Listen, this section is inevitable. You gotta advertise your products and services sometimes in order to sell, and that’s great! In moderation. No one wants to be spammed, or have a bunch of things presented to them in a selling manner. Remember what we said earlier? Contribute to the conversation, don’t just sell. 

If you’re still confused about what falls under the promotional content, refer to the following questions. 

  • Does your post include a link to your product or service? 
  • Are you promoting a sale? 
  • Are you actively seeking to receive money from the post made? 

If so, then we call this promotional content. 

Now that you’ve got some ideas of content to post, it’s time to tie it together in how you want to represent your brand. It’s great to have some variety in your content. Do not focus on selling to your audience, think of it as contributing to the conversation. See what is important to your community, not what is popular. If you still feel lost or don’t know what you should be posting, reach out to us!

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