What’s New In Social: February

February 1, 2020

February’s Social Rundown

Welcome back everyone, to another installment of What’s New In Social. This month we’ve got some juicy updates, from TikTok being banned from all US military to SnapChat signing a deal with NBC to create exclusive Olympic content. Oh, and Instagram spilled the beans about the algorithm on their Creator account? The social media universe is being too good to us. Let’s dive in, y’all.




We can’t wait for the summer Olympics (hello, men’s swimming, anyone?), but apparently neither could SnapChat. They recently just signed a deal with NBC to produce ‘two highlights shows that will be updated in “near real-time,” according to the companies’. We love this for all our fellow non-cable users out there as everyone starts to move over to streaming only platforms where live tv is an added cost. SnapChat only reaches and serves a small amount of the audience that uses Facebook as well.

It’s a great platform for brands to use to reach a younger audience or demographic, and especially since they’re seeing success with their original, platform produced shows, getting in on the app is a good move for NBC. 




According to product design employee Martin Craster, who tweeted asking about feedback for how Twitter could improve the Explore page. Twitter is actively trying to improve its Explore page for individuals using it and targeting relevant content to be delivered to specific users. We don’t know what the changes are going to be but we’re curious to see how they change the page. 




LinkedIn, have we ever told you how much we love you? The social platform for professionals has introduced the livestream option for individual company pages to use now. Called LinkedIn Live, the option lets you provide Instagram story like content to your followers. Originally only available to regular members, whole companies can now broadcast whatever, whenever, from their LinkedIn page.

The possibilities for this are ENDLESS- streaming from major conferences, press releases, product releases, day-in-the-life-of’s, etc. Additionally, they’re bringing back the Invite to Follow option for company members to invite others on the platform to follow them. 




The ever increasing in popularity app called TikTok just released the news that they will be adding a page for “curated content”, much like the explore page on SnapChat. This will make it a competitor for the similar video message-based app as the features are strikingly similar. The new page will include highlighted videos from selected TikTok creators and give the brand more control over how ads show up in between posts.

However, the addition of a curated page with popular creators is controversial considering what users love most about the app is the For You Page that doesn’t necessarily always show you videos based off views or popularity but simply content quality. 




Facebook’s newest update is going to let you see the history of your page managers. What can you see exactly? Everything from actions taken by page managers to roles, settings, invitations, etc. Not a huge platform change, but good for those trying to see who’s doing what behind the scenes. 



You heard us. The creator of the famous app that has provided us with so many memes, inside jokes, one-liners, and more, has finally released it’s older sibling- it’s called Byte. However, the question everyone is asking: how is Byte going to do going up against TikTok? There are some big differences between the two- with Byte essentially being a revived version of Vine, that means only 6-second max looped videos with no added effects, sounds, or visuals.

Additionally, there’s the issue that led to the downfall of the app that we’re curious to see if it’s improved on: will there be monetization and give creators the opportunity to profit off their content? However, Byte does not have ties to potential information leaks to another government that makes TikTok users weary. We guess only time will tell.




We’re not going to lie, we saw this coming. With all the speculation behind TikTok and the Chinese government and sharing information, it comes as no surprise that the US military has banned the app from all active members. While TikTok has stated it does not store or share data from app users in China, governments are very wary of it and it’s potential. 



Oh, and that little tidbit about Instagram giving us all the algorithm tea? Here’s a summary (for full details, visit our IGTV episode that explains it all) of the social platform’s secrets we’ve all been waiting for:


  • The algorithm is constantly changing and adapting because it’s machine learning all the time. 
  • The type of content that does better does not rely on whether or not you’re a business account or not. 
  • Having a group of followers that interact and engage with each other (aka “pods”) in order to gain a higher feed position will not work.


We’re stoked that Instagram is finally helping us in the marketing world out. For now, at least, we can all rest easy and plan our editorial calendars with ease. See you all on the flip side!

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