What’s New In Social Media: October 2019

October 1, 2019

September has come and gone, which means October is upon us, and so are- the holidays.

This month’s rundown: what’s new in social this month, plus how to incorporate those into your holiday marketing strategy. From LinkedIn beefing up its platform to a new age of Facebook ads that could be coming our way, here’s what’s going on across all our favorite marketing platforms: 


  1. LinkedIn is adding a new “Find an Expert” button on your posts to help you connect with relevant freelancers! When you post a job offering on LinkedIn there will now be a button that says “find an expert” for whatever it is you’re looking for, and then fill in the fields for the more specific things you would like to have. Freelancers are becoming more and more popular, and more affordable, and LinkedIn is helping you connect to them . 

  2. They have also launched a version of gated content for their platform on their subscription based “LinkedIn Learning Platform” that is all about information and education on the best way to utilize it, the tools they provide for brand building, and creating awareness through a LinkedIn profile. 


  1. Snapchat and Spotify are creating something great- similarly to Instagram and Facebook music stickers for their stories. Currently being tested out on Android, snapchat is allowing you to share an album or a song on your story that allows a user to click on the story and be taken to Spotfiy for to listen to it. 

  2. Snapchat, like Twitter, is expanding it’s virtual ad platform. Where originally there was a hard cut off for Ad’s at 10 seconds, you now have the option of going all the way up to three (three!) minutes. This is an attempt to expand the part of the app that will house snap original content, like documentaries and short tv shows. These longer ads will be skippable, so make sure that your content is very, very engaging. 


  1. Facebook is jumping on the hiding the likes train that instagram is on. Instead of being able to view the actual number, you’ll see a “LBMG and others liked” format. You can click on that to see who else liked it, but the count won’t be shown anymore. While Instagram is removing likes to “improve mental wellbeing”, being able to visually see engagement and likes is going to get a lot harder. 

  2. Facebook ads might be changing *again.* Facebook has announced they’re testing a new version of an in-app checkout ad, where you click on the photo to see the products and can buy them right there. Do we hear black friday jingles in the distance? 


  1. Pinterest is updating their format. They’re adding a new “Shop the Look” ad and an updated business profile option! The “Shop the Look” ad is new and only available on mobile devices. Essentially it is a one stop shop for consumers in terms of ads- they see it, click on it, and there is a list of relevant products on sale related to the ad. The updated business profile option will provide an easier way to drive sale and consumers to your website, with the ability to send people on Pinterest straight to your website when ever they click on a pin on your business profile.


  1. Instagram has introduced new restrictions on all those cosmetic and weight related product ads. These ads will be restricted content to those who are under the age of 18, after consulting with mental health experts about the well being of those who use their platform. 

All that being said, some of these are pretty useful in terms of holiday marketing. With the ability to use Pinterest boards on your business profile as also a way to drive consumers to your website for purchase, you could create a consumer specific “wishlist” for your profile.

Or if you need, say, a freelance professional to help out with any part of your marketing during the holidays, then LinkedIn’s newest feature has got your back. Or maybe you want to launch a series of Facebook ads that will allow easier last minute halloween costume buying or Christmas gift buying for those consumers out there who let the time get away from them.

While Instagram might not have rolled out a significant change for us this month, there are plenty of options to choose from before the end of October to start gearing up for the holidays. But excuse us, we have a pumpkin spice latte and LinkedIn’s newest gated content to sit back and read.

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