August 2019: What Happened in Social Media

September 2, 2019

August has come and gone faster than the blink of an eye. SO SINCE EVERY PLATFORM ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING…… we’ve decided to share any updates valuable to your business. Because we’re nice like that.. Some months there are more updates than others, but there’s always something NEW. Here’s the rundown for August:

1) That Stupid Instagram “Rule Change” trend 

We all knew it was fake. But it was annoying to say the least. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri debunked it. While you give Instagram a license to use your content, they don’t own it, and also it would be illegal for them to share private messages without a big alteration to Instagram’s rules. 

2) Twitter Launches a New Video Ad format 

Most everyone skips an ad if they have the chance to. That’s why Twitter is launching an option for a new format of video ads- if you don’t view an ad for more than 6 seconds, YOU (or the advertiser) won’t be charged for that spot. This offers advertisers an easier option financially but also will force creatives to- well, get more creative. 

3) Facebook Said Goodbye to The Groupchat 

There isn’t any definitive info on why Facebook decided to do this, but some of the reasons in speculation are that it had to do with spam, because being in a group with someone doesn’t mean you’re connected with them via Friends, which can lead to a lot of spam. Regardless, the feature is gone, while the team at Facebook is looking for a new and safer way to create groupchats. 

4) Making Your Own Snap Filter Just Got Easier 

Snapchat has recently updated their Lense Studio for creators of lenses that allows easier use. Additions include a new virtual tour on how to use it, new tools to use to expand creation and functionality, easier prompts to follow to make lenses, and more AR lenses and templates. Happy creating!

5) Instagram Seems To be Copying Snapchat – Again

You read that right. It all started with Instagram copying Snapchat’s “stories”, and now they’re doing it again. Instagram is launching their own separate messaging app called “Threads”, which will basically be a groupchat with snap-like features and a snap-map like realtime updating system. Social Media Today put it in better words- “really, it’s just an amped-up version of DMs, with slightly creepy automatic updates added in”. And no, we don’t know if there’s a ghosting options just in case you decide to go over to your exe’s and don’t want your friends to see. 

6) LinkedIn Rolls Out Audience Engagement Feature 

YES. LinkedIn is *winning* with us right now. Their Audience Engagement API has three main features we’re totally excited about. Cause’ it’s really all about insights around here. First, “Audience Discovery”- now you can see and discover audiences that have a high engagement rate with topics and articles in your industry, and see who to target. Next, “Content Recommendation” – This is a feature that will show you what trending topics and content your target audience is engaging with and enjoying, which will so help your strategists out. And last, their “Industry Benchmarking”- now, we can see how our content compares to other similar content in the same industry, especially your competitors. Happy posting! 

So that’s your official 411 for what’s what in social media land. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna hop on over to LinkedIn and start using their Audience Engagement- since Dorian has cancelled all our outdoor plans this week.  

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