Everything You Need To Know For Your Brand’s Instagram Makeover

August 15, 2019

We love makeovers. And we love social media. So we decided to put them together in this blog! One of our services we provide as a social media marketing agency is a rebranding (simply put, a makeover) of your entire business instagram profile. We’re like that deluxe spa package you tell yourself you’ll get next time, but then regret not getting it in the first place. 

We understand it may not always be in the budget, so if you want to DIY it, here are some great tools’n’tricks to help you out. 

FIRST, create a checklist of what you want to change. Here are some basic things we take into consideration before starting with a client: 

  • What’s the tone you’re going for? I.e., how do you like to talk to your consumers?

  • Do you have a clear and concise USP (unique selling proposition) that you can mold into your IG bio?

  • Does your Instagram bio clearly state what you do and how to reach you?

  • Does your bio have Call To Action? I.e. a link to your website, or a blog, or directs consumers to where you want them to go?

  • Do you have a theme? If so, do you have a color palette in mind, or some basic colors you want to just have a cohesive look? 

  • Are you using your instagram stories and highlights effectively? Are they a good showcase of your services/products/your brand? 

Each one of these has even more things to think about, but in general these are some easy kick start topics. 

NOW, onto our favorite part. TOOLS!

We use an array of (tbh, expensive) tools for our clients. But that’s because they help us do what we do best in a timely and efficient manner. We’ve included a list below of some tools we recommend for those of you ballin’ on a budget or just trying to spend money in other ways!

  • Buffer (web and iOS or Android) 

Every social media platform needs a scheduling tool. That’s pretty much a no brainer. We love buffer because it’s layout is easy to understand, and easy to use! Starting at just sixteen dollars a month and ranging up to a hundred a month, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Unfold is great for creating unique templates for instagram stories, or any template to use to post anything to the ‘gram. It’s one of the only free apps of it’s kind, but some templates do require some $$$.

THIS app will be probably your favorite tool (it’s ours for sure). It’s free if you’re using it as an individual, and starts at fifteen dollars a month for businesses, but it does SO much. Planning your grid, finding hashtags, monitoring posts. It’s your all in one!

  • Planoly– Another grid planning/scheduling tool

Planoly is great because you can plan your stories on this platform to see what they look like, in addition to it being available on desk top as well. It does pretty much the same stuff at Preview, however a business account is only twelve a month. 

We’ve probably all heard of Lightroom, but the great thing about it is it is also downloadable as an app and not jus desktop based. We like using Lightroom as opposed to VSCO because it allows for custom filter creations, making it easier to keep a theme going on your grid.

  • Canva – For designing your Instagram graphics 

We LOVE Canva. Canva is great for designing anything for almost all social media platforms (literally). Facebook posts, Instagram posts, twitter banners, facebook banners, stories, it’s all possible. Purchases are required for some features like specific templates, or graphics, or if you want to upload your own fonts, you must buy a pro account first. But even without a pro account, it’s probably one of the best tools out there!

There are so many more tools out there that can help you accomplish a successful makeover, but these are our top six. And feel free to reach out to us via email or DM if you’ve found one you think we should try out! But in the meantime, we’ll be here with our sparkling water, facemask, and spa music playing. Have a fun time giving your ‘gram the makeover it deserves. 

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