How to Create Social Media Content Your Audience Will Engage With

June 5, 2019

Over the years, social media has helped brands and businesses online to market their products and services to the masses.

For brands, it has been used to give updates about something new, launch a new product, promote sales or the use of a product, and simply to interact with their customer base. But most importantly, social media is used for attracting new customers.

Perhaps you have worked and grown your social media page, like Instagram, and you’re very happy that you have a lot of followers already. But as time goes by, you notice that likes, comments, and your overall engagements on your posts have been steadily decreasing.

Let’s say that you have 10,000 followers on Instagram but you only receive a total of 100 engagements (1% engagement rate).

You may be asking, “Are my posts not engaging enough? How can I create Social Media Content that my followers will engage with?”

1. Only post pictures that are fresh and high quality

The internet is a depthless place of content, and people on the internet are demanding. They want to see photos that are high-definition so that they can save it on their phones or share it somewhere else.

Ask yourself first before posting a photo, “Is this blurry? pixelated? not that crisp?” If yes to any of these, don’t post it. Only upload content if it satisfies you, and if it’s something you’d like to see on someone else’s brand page.

If you really want to only upload fresh and high quality photos, we suggest hiring a photographer that has a camera and skills suitable for your brand.

2. Apply filters before posting

Your feed is very important for your branding. In fact, treat your feed like it is your brand. The colors must match, the feel must go together with your brand. Your goal is to be able to have someone look at your feed and say, “Oh, that’s ____ instagram page.”

Professional photographer isn’t in the budget? Try taking the photos yourself and play with filters to improve them, see what fits and what doesn’t.

You can use mobile applications like VSCO, Lightroom, PhotoGrid, Snapseed, and more. These tools can also help you to maintain a color scheme related to your brand, AKA your ‘flow.’

3. Write engaging descriptions on your posts

It’s not all about photos. Sometimes, the description should be as engaging, maybe even more than, the photo for your followers to engage.

For example, if you posted a photo of a coffee served in your café on Instagram, you can ask a question on the description of your post like “What’s your go-to coffee order whenever you come into the cafe?”

In this way, you catch the attention of the people scrolling online through the high-quality photo, and you will engage them in it by making your description a question. It’s a great way to raise your engagement rate.

Having a lot of followers on social media doesn’t mean your posts will get a lot of likes and comments. You also need to work hard for every post (taking good photos, applying branded filters, writing engaging copy/descriptions) before publicizing it online.

The social media engagement you want isn’t going to happen overnight. You still need to be strategic to maximize the power of Social Media.

If you’re still having a problem on growing your Social Media pages, consult professionals to save time, and grow some insight on how to better see results.

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