Your Brand Needs an Email List: Here’s Why

May 11, 2019



You may be wondering why other brands that are so successful promoting products on social media still collect customers’ emails to build an email list.

So now you’re probably thinking, “Why do they still need to build an email list when they already have a massive amount of followers online?” or “Isn’t social media more effective for the majority of audiences?”

The answer to this is RECURRENCE. Brands survive off of loyal and consistent customers.

An email list is truly a beautiful thing. When you have emails, you can send weekly or monthly updates informing people that you have a discount, a sale, or new products to check out (a loose example). You can also get nitty gritty with it and create lead funnels, building loyalty over time with content and free information.

So with that, let’s talk about why your brand needs an email list.

1. You will be personally in-touch with your customers.

When you send an email to your list, it goes to their inboxes (duh). You don’t need any catchy social media descriptions whatsoever. They will read it, especially if the subject line is written like it’s from a friend.

Second to that, you can use your email list in place of paid ads to push new products or services.

2. You have full ownership to your list

Unlike social media followers, you have the rights to your email list. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms can bring your page down in just a snap and that means losing the customers of your brand. But when you already have their emails collected, you don’t need to worry about losing people to buy products from you (unless of course, they choose to unsubscribe).

3. People check their emails more than their social media accounts

Facebook has 1.4 billion users that are active every day as well as Twitter that has 100 million users daily.

That’s great and all, but Radicati found out that a lot of people (about 3.8 billion) use their email accounts actively. See what we mean? You’ll find that big brands spend a ton of money on email campaigns (staffing for an email marketing position or outsourcing their email marketing) because they know that there are a lot more people to make profit from when they pursue email marketing.

4. You can convert more sales

Of course, you can see results on your brand’s social media creating profit. But people opening their emails tend to click on your updates’ links than those on social media. Why? Because social media users are more bound to distraction (it’s social media! Duh!).

This all at the end of the day goes back to a subject line. You don’t want to come off salesy, you want it to seem like you’re just good ole pals. Take a look at some of those emails you get in your inbox and pay attention to the subject lines, you’ll see what we mean! Promoting your products or services in these emails along with providing them something they can learn from or relate to will surely build loyal subscribers and loyal customers.

Having an email list is a great way (and addition) to your brand’s marketing strategy. Let’s utilize every single way out there to make our businesses more successful!

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