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The LBMG Splash: Our Current List of Eblast Favs

July 22, 2019

This weeks blog is all about our current Ad News and Digital Marketing news eblast favorites. If you’re subscribed to ours, (which, if you aren’t, totally should) you’d see that sometimes we mention them in our favorite Read of the Week. These e-blasts are great because they allow us as an agency to stay up to date, in the know, get tips on how to use the latest social media tech, and more.  So let’s go, and dive into our top 6 eblasts for Advertising and Digital Media Marketing.

Social Media Today 

This one is exactly what it sounds like. And for all your graph lovers and learn by photo people, this one is just for you. Every day this eblast is filled with How To’s, statistics, infographics, and the latest social media platform trends and campaigns. If you need any sort of need marketing tools and news, we’ve got you covered on this one.

Marketing Dive 

Marketing Dive is like Social Media Today’s bigger, more experienced brother. Less infographics and statistics, more marketing and social media news. If you’re looking for the latest article on any new update to any platform that might be useful, Marketing Dive is your guy. Occasionally, they have sprinkled in some campaigns that could be inspiring or useful to read. This eblast is delivered every morning.

AdWeek Morning Digest 

AdWeek is probably one of the bigger names here, so it’s important that we clarify which one. Morning Digest is sent every morning, 4 days a week, to bring you the freshest of the Ad World. This one is very focused on campaigns, who ran them, whose who in the Ad world, breaking news, and pop culture.

Ad Age: Creativity Daily and Digital 

Ad Age is one of our favorites. They have a variety of newsletters they send out, but two of the best and most beneficial we think is Creativity Daily and Digital. Creativity Daily is the best of the creative aspect, both on social media platforms and traditional advertising platforms. It’s a good source of inspiration for anyone working in creative, or just a fun read or article to include in a write up that maybe you’re working on. Ad Age Digital is more focused on the digital part of advertising and it’s economic and business impact (obviously not as fun as creative) for those of you more interested in the numbers that are happening in the current world.

The Daily Carnage 

The Daily Carnage is probably one of our absolute favorite newsletters to subscribe to. It’s a good mix of marketing tools, platform trends and updates, pop culture and digital news. Oh, and don’t forget about their Drink of The Week. They keep things short and sweet, and their eblast is rarely boring. If you take away anything from this blog today, it’s that you should and need to be subscribed to them.

The Mention Memo 

This a bi-weekly eblast that is focused on the best in pop-culture and the most trending subjects in social media. It’s not marketing tool heavy, although sometimes they do include their favorite webinars that are useful. It’s a fun, quick read to keep you up to date on all things trendy. We love it, and hope you’ll love it too.

So there you have it everyone. These all fill up our inboxes every morning and we hope they fill yours up too. Subscribe to one or to all of them, stay up to date, in the know, and we’ll catch you on our next blog!

Blog written by Kyla Patton

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