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Contender Boats | Audience Growth

March 8, 2018

Contender Boats started with 30,000 Instagram followers in October of 2016, and many of them had gone dormant because the brand had not been active on social media for over 3 months.

This was a hands on marketing effort from the entire social team at LBMG Marketing over the course of the last two years. Working collectively with Contender’s partners and events, we were able to maintain a presence at all major events and see rapid growth during those time periods.

Using mostly organic marketing, we increased Contender Boat’s Instagram fan base by 20K followers in less than 6 months. The demographics of the Instagram following improved drastically based on the client’s ideal target market regarding location and age. Tactics changed down the line as we encountered many different algorithm changes on the social platform. We implemented the use of Instagram stories to coincide with any contests or campaigns we ran.

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