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Pinterest: A Guide to Driving Up Your Sales

March 15, 2019

It’s no surprise that a vast majority of us use Pinterest as a major source of inspo for pretty much everything.. So the question is, why aren’t you for your business’s marketing efforts? In this visually captivating platform, we can find everything from cute DIY ideas, fashion tips, delicious meal recipes to amazing photographs to inspire your next trip around the world.

Many consumers have been using this platform religiously for years to plan dinner recipes, weddings, find hair style inspo, and tackle some DIY projects around there house (plus SO much more). Chances are, if you are not using Pinterest as a business, you are missing out on a huge market opportunity.

As a matter of fact, pinners are such loyal and engaged users of social media that after Pinterest ran some statistics, they found that out of the 250M people that use Pinterest 84% used the platform to help make a purchase decision and 98% have tried something new that they found on instagram. Now let’s talk about why you need to get in on this platform…

Discover what is trending and stay on top

Being active on Pinterest gives you an insider’s look at what is on top of your audience’s mind. Browse through what is trending or simply check out what pins your followers are posting and use that information to position your services and products.

Pinners are more likely to be active retail shoppers

You know what this means right? You have an audience that likes to stay informed through pinterest and is 39% more likely to be an active shopper when compared to other social platforms. What is also interesting is that in the studies done by Pinterest, results showed that people with higher salaries tend to use Pinterest more than people with lower salaries. Let that sink in on what that means for your business…

Better potential of going viral

The beauty of Pinterest is that content can go viral pretty quickly. Users love going on Pinterest and simply sharing pictures that they love with their followers. By just having a Pinterest share button on your website, you are allowing people to share your image on their boards which requires minimal effort on your part.

Minimal engagement is needed to run Pinterest

Unlike Instagram and other platforms where you need to actively engage with your audience in order to grow your engagement, Pinterest requires minimal time investment in order to drive traffic and sales. While maintaining a presence will boost your results, pinnable pictures on your website are enough to reap the benefits. The key here is to create amazing visuals that people will want to share with their audience. Don’t forget to add some hashtags to optimize your keyword search!

Pinterest drives traffic and engagement to your website

Pinterest is one of the platforms that is Search Engine Optimized so if used correctly your boards can rank in the front page of google. All of your brand’s pictures should include inbound links to your website which will increase your websites traffic as well as hashtags and keywords to improve the impact of exposure.

So there you have it! If you’re not on your pin game, get on the pin game. Thank us later 😉

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