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Why Your Business Needs A Blog

October 3, 2019

A couple things we believe in here at LBMG: women should always support women, pineapple DOES belong on pizza, and businesses should always support other businesses – which is why we’re a business with a blog telling you about why your business needs a blog.

Blogs are a valuable way to keep your clients and consumers updated on what’s going on in your industry, they make you become a valuable news source, drive traffic to your website and social platforms as well as so many other benefits. Seriously, guys, if you don’t have a blog, you NEED one. This is our blog about blogs – these are our top 8 reasons why:

  • It’s easy content.

If you’re stuck on creating content for your platforms, this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Make content bins for different types of blogs that allow you to expand the subjects you can talk about, and suddenly you have so much content to repurpose and use in different ways.

Pro Tip: Struggle with coming up with topics? Think about the things your clients/customers as you the most – and then write a blog on it. 

  • It Makes you a source of news

Whenever a potential new client is searching for whatever service or product they need, they’re going to head to numerous websites to gain information on who is the best fit for them. While an “About Us” page and testimonials are great resources, blogs are better because you can show them that not only do you provide a service or brand, but you’re experts about this industry, and you can inform others on that topic as well. So, it shows your potential new client what you do, how you can do it, and what else is going on in that’s relevant to what you’re doing. (**wink wink, our monthly social media updates!**)

  •   Increases visitor traffic to your site

We aren’t kidding here. Studies show that there’s a 55% increase in website traffic if you have a blog, 97% more inbound links, and will also drive traffic to your social media platforms as well. The key to this is also related to SEO, which we’ll talk later about. Search engines, such as Google, will flag your website as important with the more inbound links you have and will better the chances of being found on that search engine.


If you take away nothing else from this blog, let it be this: BLOGS CAN GENERATE LEADS. 66% of B2B companies who blog will generate more leads than the companies who choose not to. 66%! It might not seem like a big number, but that’s over 50%. If other businesses can see that the product or service you’re selling them is not only good, but the company they’re working with is knowledgeable and well rounded, they’re more likely to reach out to you.

  •   Keeps your audience updated on your business!

Yea, we know this is what social media is for (like, literally, that’s our job) but you can’t put absolutely everything you want on social media to keep your audience updated. Hence, you blog! You can link case studies here, talk about how to manage through a difficult client through experience, anything that’s relevant and appropriate and too long to post on social, you can make a blog about. (And then post about it on social, and then generate traffic to your website… see what we’re getting at here?)

  •   Gives your company a voice

Social media is a necessity in every company’s marketing tool box. It’s the 21st century. That being said, everyone knows that, and while you can create a brand image for yourself and a tone of voice, blogs are more personable and give you a voice in your industry. This will define you from other companies that clients or consumers might find too cold or too distanced, and will draw in more people who like how genuine you are. People want to work with people, not with a corporation.

  •   Helps you define a relationship of trust between you and your consumers

Referring to the previous point, writing blogs will create trust between you and your clients. Personalization = communication = trust. We’ll say it again: blogging show knowledge of your product or of your industry, and that will lead to trust.


Blogs are keyword gold mines, y’all. On your website, there are only so many so many keywords you can use. But with a blog, you have all the power. Engaging and informative content that expands your keyword opportunities and thus will be recognized by Google? Priceless.

These are only a few reasons as to why you should utilize blogging. If you don’t trust us, head over here to see why. And one more statistic for you guys before you leave – 70% of B2C companies have blogs, and 79% of B2B companies have blogs. So blogging isn’t just a thing of the past anymore that only popular influencers can do and succeed. It’s a valuable piece of marketing that you guys need, and we hope we’ve convinced you to do so. Grab that pen and paper, or your laptop (or consult with a professional team on making this happen for you), and just start writing for your consumers. It’ll make a world of difference.

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