Graphic Design and Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

April 16, 2018

When it comes to designing graphics for your social media channels, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here we provide to you a few tips, a few do’s, a few definitely do-nots. Read below for more!

1. DO make the image visually appealing by highlighting something. DON’T put a bunch of text over the image just because you can. Facebook has a rule with 20% text. IT’S GENIUS. I mean, think about it… how much reaching do you want to do on an image to ingest the information that leads you to a purchasing or action taking decision? The answer should be, not much. Good marketing shouldn’t take a ton of convincing via words on a picture. So –  you can use this tool to gage your 20% text-ing. You will lose your viewer in too much text – if you think a viewer may have to zoom in on a photo, you’re going to lose them.

2. DO include a piece of your company’s branding – whether it’s a logo, phone number, email address, or website – even a watermark of your social handle. DON’T make it the main focus of the image. Small and sweet and tucked in a corner somewhere is best. You never know who might share that graphic down the line – and who might see it and be interested in reaching out!

3. DON’T use more than 2 typefaces. FOR ANYTHING THAT YOU DO. Creating brand consistency is huge. We do that, by the way, with our custom branding guides. Use those two fonts on all of your marking material – so – you guess it – pick a primary font that is likely going to be on any platform you use.

—— Other Tips ——

4. DO be creative with your design content – quotes of famous people, charts, infographics, captivating photographs. Best unknown secret – You’re welcome.

5. DON’T constantly post graphics. What else does your business have to offer? Make sure your feeds include links to your blog or your service [Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter] or showcase your services in a high quality and aesthetic way [Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter].

Did this strike a chord? Looking for some extra advice, and potentially even some help? Reach out to us today. We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation session [in person if you’re local to South Florida] for new businesses. Call, text, or email us today to inquire or set up a consulting session. 

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