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We're here to

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make it happen.

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We're here to

get started

make it happen.

We're here to

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We’re reshaping the norms of an everyday agency, pushing boundaries and creating innovative possibilities for our clients’ marketing. We aren’t just an agency–We're lbmg.

At LBMG, we think like your consumer. 

LBMG Marketing isn’t your average marketing firm - we go further than the standard. Our main priority is making your brand more than just a brand. We believe that creating consistent, creative campaigns comes from a concrete knowledge of who your audience is. We believe that 1:1 communication and frequent updates with our clients is important. We believe these things are what set us apart.


The digital

From branding, to marketing materials, to all the in-between, if it needs designing, we've Got you covered.

Creative Design

A website– Your digital "brick and mortar." We design sites that make people want to pop in and say hello.

Web Design

The mother of digital marketing for all Businesses– social media. We do it, and we do it full service.

Social Media Marketing

CorE Services


Lauren Funk

Meet the faces and creative minds behind lbmg Marketing: Lauren Bordelon and Lauren Funk. With a knack for brand awareness, the laurens are using their boutique agency lbmg to serve clients both near and far. 

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How to successfully outsource social media for your business LET US PREFACE THIS WITH: we brag all the time about how we do NOT seem to our clients like an outsourced team. We are an EXTENSION to our clients’ teams and we feel strongly that our emotional connection to the brand allows us to create […]

What you need to know about how to approach marketing in 2020 Is it really almost 2020? The end of the teens as we know it? Frosted tips and old school Beyonce was really 20 years ago? We get it. We’re in denial too. Times seem to change faster and faster the older we get, […]

How Millennials are Affecting Philanthropic Efforts in 2019     With giving season upon us, it’s time we evaluate who exactly is doing the giving. Does it come as a shock to anyone that millennials are the forefront of this crowd? Millennials are the fastest growing age group in the US, projected to be the […]

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